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2008-2009 Featured Projects
The Story of the Marta Valle Wiki
"Communication, Collaboration & Technology"

This podcast documents the journey the staff at Marta Valle has gone on to become a more transparent and connected learning community. Through the use of a Wiki, which can be defined as a simple website that allows users to create and edit content, teachers at Marta Valle have have embraced the notion that the knowledge of the group is greater than that of an individual. Watch this video to learn more.

Lower East Side Community Exploration
"Life on the Lower"

As a way to explore the concept of "community" connected to their study of the novel, Seedfolks, students in Ms. Paletti's English class composed original monologues describing their own neighborhoods. They then went on to produce a photo documentary with an emphasis on bringing these stories to life. Students went through the entire production process (drafting, storyboarding, recording, editing, etc.) to compile their own original documentary.

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